Eating In

Miso for the quick-dinner win.

All misos have an alluring sweet-salty-funky flavor that's hard to beat for flavor boosting.

For Easter week, a savory snack, a roasted chicken, and plenty of eggs.

A buttery dough with plenty of Parmigiano makes irresistible nibbles.

It was all meringue, all the time at my house this weekend. Late last week, I called my friend Kathy Gunst to see if she could share a Passover recipe with us. Kathy is the author of 16 cookbooks, the resident chef of NPR’s Here and Now, and has been coming to the Vineyard for 47 years, so I knew she could set us up with something delicious.

For St. Patrick's Day, give colcannon a twist, Guinness a pour, and Forty Shades of Green a listen.

A new book for cooks and gardeners arrives in a time of needed inspiration.

A mid-winter cake cure is in store for you.


Eating In