I know, I know – you’re wondering when I’m going to get past this whole strawberry phase. But I have a really good excuse for drawing it out one more week – the crispiest, crunchiest, most ethereal granola I’ve ever made. (Granola + Mermaid Farm yogurt + Morning Glory Farm strawberries = yum.) The recipe came to me from Judson Macrae, who was raised on Chappaquiddick and has been in the food and beverage business for 15 years, most recently in Manhattan.

I should have known this recipe was going to be a keeper — I’d heard from co-workers (including Judson’s mom, Vineyard Gazette editor Julia Wells) that it was something special. The recipe came in with meticulous instructions; it just took me a few grocery trips to update my pandemic pantry with the ingredients (nuts, seeds, coconut) I needed.

I can’t believe I sat on this gem for weeks, but at least now I’ve got it tacked to my fridge for frequent use. Judson’s goal of a crisp, almost bar-like granola (baked in a rimmed sheet pan) is achieved by thoroughly hand-mixing the dry ingredients with a heartily whisked mixture of honey and coconut oil – but only just enough to coat all the dry ingredients lightly. Boy, I love a good technique.

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