Chef and Restaurant Owner Albert Lattanzi

For many years Albert was the chef/owner of Lattanzi’s Restaurant in Edgartown.
He now works as a private chef, and is involved in helping to organize Local Wild
Food Challenge events with Billy Manson, most recently in Italy.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Beach Plum Swirl

Because ice cream recipes vary based on available equipment, Lattanzi gives this
basic method for adding a beach plum swirl.

1. Make beach plum juice according to your own method or one above. Boil juice till it reaches a syrup consistency, adding desired amount of sugar. Alternatively,
you can thin out jelly by adding warm water and boiling till it reaches syrup consistency.

2. Prepare your favorite vanilla ice cream according to ice cream maker’s instructions. Swirl in the beach plum syrup at the end. Chill quickly and let harden in the freezer.