Wonderfully satisfying, beans and bitter greens turn toast into a meal.

Joe Yonan

Pineapple and banana make a kale smoothie delicious tasting – almost like having a dessert for breakfast or lunch.

Catherine Walthers

Sunday supper or Friday night with friends — this satisfying soup has your number.

Catherine Walthers

Oven-roasting is a great way to turn chickpeas into crunchy garnishes.

Susie Middleton

Who isn't charmed by the sunny colors of radicchio and oranges, the crunchy texture of roasted chickpeas, the bright hit of lime dressing?

Susie Middleton

This versatile spice blend works for cider, for wine, or even warm water.

Jan Buhrman

This Moroccan spice blend is the secret to savory tagines, but it pairs well with chocolate, too.

Jan Buhrman

Making your own curry powder is easy and so much more fragrant than store-bought.

Jan Buhrman


Vineyard Stuffing with Shiitake Mushrooms and Leeks

Holiday or not, here's a delicious stuffing to serve alongside roast chicken, pork — or turkey.

Quick Limey Slaw

Napa or Savoy cabbage spritzed with a bit of lime juice and sprinkled with salt and sugar turns into a delicious slaw in minutes.

Green Rice

Arroz Verde is a favorite Mexican rice you can pair with chili or pot roast, tuck into a burrito, or use as a bed for roasted vegetables.

Quick-Roasted Root Medley

Choose your favorite roots for a quick side dish that doubles as a garnish for pot roast.

Spanish Pot Roast with Roasted Roots

Chorizo, garlic, smoked paprika, and red wine kick pot roast up a notch. Chuck is the cut to choose.

Baked Eggs Pizzaiola

Here's a quick and comforting weeknight supper, with gooey cheese of course!

Fried Smelts

Deep-frying is the best way to serve these tasty little white fish. Serve with lemon and tartar sauce.

Larry's Latkes

My Dad makes these latkes every Hanukkah, and now that I’m on Martha’s Vineyard away from my family, it’s up to me to recreate them myself.

Crab-Stuffed Shrimp

Before the holiday roast or as part of a seafood feast, these are perfect for special occasions.

Holiday Cut-Out Cookies

This easy cookie dough yields plenty of cut-out cookies so that everyone in the family can decorate some.