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"I essentially create a world in the painting that is part real and part imagined, a mix of concrete and memory."
Perhaps more than any other painter, Stan Murphy captured the Vineyard at a particular moment in time. In honor of his 100th birthday, a Martha’s Vineyard Museum retrospective of his life and work celebrates the faces of an Island on the precipice of great change.
This is not your mother's potato salad. For starters, it begins with crispy smashed potatoes!
While this salsa-like dressing is perfect for turning crispy smashed potatoes into a salad, it’s also a great topping for grilled fish or grilled vegetables, toast, or even steak.
No one wants to show up to the cookout with the worst dish on the table. Here's what to do.
Summer has settled in, the air thick with insects and thickets heavy
Toxic cyanobacteria blooms – a global environmental problem – have come to the Vineyard. Scientists are working to understand how the blooms behave within the Island’s unique ecosystems, and how to keep people safe.