On the Vineyard, a club of dedicated horticulturists practices the ancient and meticulous skill of growing trees in miniature.

By Sally Bennett


Adam and Gabrielle Spiegel bought a run-down former wayside tavern in West Tisbury. Though the restoration of the property and its majestic walls is finally complete, Adam Spiegel may be seeing it for the last time.

By Brooks Robards


In the midst of winter some of us dream big garden dreams. And we start out with the best of intentions, we really do. Come July, though, we might just be overwhelmed by the gardening equivalent of eyes-being-bigger-than-stomachs, and a mess of weeds and tangled flowers. What’s a desperate gardener to do?

By Laura D. Roosevelt


What’s timeless and classic on the outside and timely and sleek on the inside?

By Erin Ryerson


It was a big year for big-name sales. But the story of the year actually starts at the bottom of the market.

By Mary Breslauer


For Ruby Hoy and her husband Josh Vag, the little house where she was born is the perfect place to live happily ever after.

By Alexandra Bullen Coutts


When the crowds head home, the squirrels, skunks, and geese move in.

By Mary Breslauer


Chances are, if you’re a year-rounder, you know the house we are talking about.

By Louisa Hufstader