The only thing better than freshly cut flowers are freshly cut flowers that you grew yourself.

Susie Middleton

By the time most Island gardens have hit their peaks, Sally Graham’s beds are still brimming with potential.

Martha Kirkpatrick

Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club President Susan Hobart decided to stop battling the deer in her garden. With that, she’s (almost) won the war.

Brooke Kushwaha

They don’t last long, but for Fred Hancock there is only one flower worth his devotion.

Brooke Kushwaha

A plague of invisible nematodes is threatening one of the signature species of the Island’s forests.

Thomas Humphrey

Often compared to Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh is a big name known for big projects all over the world. But his latest design on the Island he seasonally calls home proves that inspiration can come from the smallest of places too.

Joe Bargmann

Who says your landscape can’t be a nature preserve?

Moira Convey Silva

It starts out innocently enough: “I’ll give you a couple of foxgloves for some Solomon’s seal.” Before you know it, you’ve got yourself a swap fest.

Emily Meegan