Composting may seem like old news, but doing it with a bin full of worms probably doesn’t. Red wiggler worms offer great benefits to the organic gardener, producing both a natural fertilizer and an effective pesticide. And they eat your kitchen scraps.

Tom Dresser

Susanne Clark designed her Chilmark garden based on the land, her home, and an elaborate scoring system. A new garden book tells the tale.

C.J. Fornari

A glimpse of the West Tisbury garden tended by Nina Schneider until her death last year.

Phyllis Meras

Through their work at Vineyard Gardens, Jeremiah Brown and Janice Haynes have gleaned plenty of plants headed to the compost pile. With a lot more labor at home, they’ve designed a lush enclave for their six-year-old West Tisbury colonial.

Elaine Pace

The grand champion of the invaders is Oriental bittersweet, Celastrus orbiculatus.

Jim Miller

A how to guide.

Susan Catling

A Chappaquiddicker evolves along with her land.

Margaret Knight

After Michael Faraca unexpectedly found himself working in a garden – and enjoying it – he educated himself in quintessential design, and with a couple of Anglophile clients, went on to develop a decidedly formal side.

Mike Seccombe


Planning and Planting for Winter Beauty

Five ways to brighten gardens with color and texture during the dormant season.

Sculpting a Landscape

It’s not often that you hear the words sensual and bulldozer in the same breath.

A Season Full of Bloom

Fifteen tried-and-true perennials, plus a few other thoughts on flowers and foliage.

Plant Containers

With thrillers, spillers, and fillers.

Look to the Sea to Enrich Your Garden

A day after talking to farmer, gardener, and SBS owner Liz Packer of Vineyard Haven about gardening with seaweed and other sea-related products, she calls from the north shore and leaves this message: “I’m standing on the beach and I just have to say that we live in an extraordinary place – most of our waters are healthy enough to still be rife with fish, shellfish, and seaweed.” She takes a breath and continues, “And there is an interconnectedness between the land and sea here that is amazing.

Sculpting with Water

Artist and gardener David Geiger created a vibrant, ever-changing aquatic habitat at his wooded Chilmark property.

Ask the Experts: Gardening with Manure

If you ask any farmer or gardener on Martha’s Vineyard, they’ll tell you that manure is one of our most precious resources.

How it Works: Putting Your Flower Gardens to Bed for the Winter

Preparing your yard and gardens for winter can take a fair amount of work and organization each year.

Evolutionary Allies: Native Wildflowers and Insects

You can enliven the landscape and help cultivate the Island’s rich ecological diversity by planting wildflowers.

A Layered Look in a Little Garden

At many in-town homes, the area between the street and the house can be too small a patch to mow but too big to ignore.