Homeowners, real estate agencies, municipalities, and affordable housing advocates are focused on the newly expanded state lodging tax that will impact seasonal rental properties this summer.

Mary Breslauer


The dead of winter draws the serious buyers, not the tire kickers who send agents scrambling for keys and access all summer long but never manage to put in an offer.

Mary Breslauer


The renters are here in full force, many of them returning to favorite haunts of years or decades.

Mary Breslauer


How do all these agents survive when it seems that every other person on the Vineyard has or is getting a real estate license?

Mary Breslauer


What will the impact of the tax reform law passed at the end of 2017 be?

Mary Breslauer


Is the formerly whispered-about conflict between conservation and housing a thing of the past?

Mary Breslauer


Here I am at...Wesley House?

Mary Breslauer


The people at the Home & Garden Television network like to say they didn’t choose Martha’s Vineyard as the location of their nineteenth Dream Home giveaway; it chose them. About a year ago, when the HGTV team was scouting potential sites, the Vineyard was an easy sell. “This is an ideal location. It’s beautiful here,” said Jack Thomasson, the official house planner for the HGTV Dream Home. “People are really friendly on Martha’s Vineyard. The Island has a lot to offer.”

Sydney Bender