Notable Island designers and builders identify the rooms that best express their aesthetic.

Joyce Wagner

Adam and Gabrielle Spiegel bought a run-down former wayside tavern in West Tisbury. Though the restoration of the property and its majestic walls is finally complete, Adam Spiegel may be seeing it for the last time.

Brooks Robards

Denys Wortman finds you really can go home again.

Holly Nadler

One Vose family member describes it as “the center of our universe,” and goes on to say that “we continually ask ourselves, ‘How did we get so lucky? Why us?’ ”

Ali Berlow

The last weekend of July is one of the busiest summer “turnover” weekends. As vacationers – coming and going – wait in ferry lines, unnoticed and unsung armies of cleaning crews scramble to clean up before and after them.

Shelley Christiansen

In Edgartown, a hotel for dogs and their human companions.

Margaret Knight

Rhonda and Erik Albert and their children Iris and Miles live in an old sixteen-room house in Oak Bluffs. Last year they had nearly a thousand summer guests, and this year they’d like to have more.

Margaret Knight

Here I am at...Wesley House?

Mary Breslauer