It's the all-in-one dinner! Crisp chicken thighs + smoky potatoes + cherry tomatoes. Salad optional.

Susie Middleton

Carrots cut into "fry" shapes have the advantage of cooking more evenly than carrot halves; they also make great nibbles straight off the sheet pan.

Susie Middleton

Roasting carrots on a heavy-duty sheet pan is the quickest method.

Susie Middleton

A combination of oven-braising and roasting makes tender, delicious carrots.

Susie Middleton

This delicious stew as just as good leftover as the day it is made.

Brian Athearn

Tender and flaky, these savory scones go from breakfast to dinner.

Abigail Johnson Dodge

Tender sauteed chicken breasts, studded with little jewels of browned shallots and garlic, get a white-wine pan sauce to finish.

Arnie Reisman

A streamlined version of an Egyptian classic, this spiced lentil and chickpea dish has all the flavors and textures you need for a satisfying main dish.

Joe Yonan


Garlicky Great Northern Beans and Broccoli Raab over Toast

Wonderfully satisfying, beans and bitter greens turn toast into a meal.

Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Pineapple and banana make a kale smoothie delicious tasting – almost like having a dessert for breakfast or lunch.

Broth with Mini-Meatballs, Kale and Cabbage

Sunday supper or Friday night with friends — this satisfying soup has your number.

Roasted Chickpeas

Oven-roasting is a great way to turn chickpeas into crunchy garnishes.

Endive & Radicchio Salad with Blood Oranges, Avocado, and Roasted Chickpeas

Who isn't charmed by the sunny colors of radicchio and oranges, the crunchy texture of roasted chickpeas, the bright hit of lime dressing?

Mulling Spice Mix for Cider or Sangria

This versatile spice blend works for cider, for wine, or even warm water.

Ras el Hanout

This Moroccan spice blend is the secret to savory tagines, but it pairs well with chocolate, too.

Indian Curry Powder

Making your own curry powder is easy and so much more fragrant than store-bought.

Fragrant Vegetable Curry

This warming, fragrant blend of vegetables, spices, tomatoes, and coconut milk just gets better overnight.

Gluten-Free Spiced Brownies

Deeply chocolatey and very tender, these brownies get just the right background note from warm spices.