For years Anne-Marie Eddy has been doing custom refinishing jobs and transforming well-loved furniture into fresh, stylish pieces.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

A collection of brand new galleries and studios are taking the community arts center to a whole other level.

Joyce Wagner

“This is the first body of work that I’ve invested in this realm and I want to keep going. And the spoons are just an ongoing curiosity and investigation.”

Meet Collins Heavener, the plank whisperer of Slip Away Farm.

Heather Hamacek

It wasn’t trash, it was a Trash Lobster!

“I like taking old work and incorporating it into new work, because it’s almost a continuous story of how your work has transformed and grown over time.”

Barbara Kassel's allegorical world.

Elizabeth Hawes

There’s always basketball in Oak Bluffs, but there’s only one weekend like this.

Mathea Morais


The Tree Line

Allen Whiting and the relentless pursuit of imperfection.

Scribbler’s Rodeo

The Ends of the World by Peter Brannen; To the New Owners by Madeleine Blais; and My Soul Looks Back by Jessica B. Harris.

The Branding of Martha’s Vineyard

Would that which we call a tourist T-shirt by any other name smell as sweet?

Piece of Work: Stephanie Danforth

“I love working in a square. I feel as if it’s like a hug, a contained space. I love to get up close – paint bigger than life size. I like to engage.”

Where the Paint Hits the Road

Frances McGuire's particular take on her "emotional home."

The Answer, My Friend...

The wondrous weathervanes of Anthony Holand.

Piece of Work: Jennifer Christy

“I’ve always focused my paintings and sculpture on the abstract,” she said.

Piece of Work: Althea Freeman-Miller

“My art is a way to show people who I am. It’s a way for me to feel understood. If you don’t get it, you won’t get me.”

DAW: Shoulder Season

A plastic seagull souvenir
Is hard to buy this time of year,
As stores whose staff have taken wing
Hang placards saying “Closed till Spring!”

Symbols of the Vineyard

The Island's official flag, bird, landmark, song and motto.