Eighty years ago Nazi storm troopers destroyed hundreds of synagogues in an orgy of intolerance known as the Night of Broken Glass. This year Barney Zeitz will complete the replacements for one congregation’s house of worship.

Louisa Hufstader

Lizzy Hynes had always dreamed of owning her own shop. Now she owns two with her husband Tom Juster.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

“For me, using atmosphere and light conveys a sense of place and the feeling of a place, and it’s always an important aspect of what I’m painting.”

A show this summer celebrates a surprising collection of artists from Harthaven.

Sam Low

More than 450 people attended the Best of the Vineyard awards on June 7, held at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs. 

The contest, now in its twenty-second year, celebrates the best the Island has to offer, as chosen by its readers. More than 69,000 votes were cast in eighty-seven categories, from Best Beach to Best Lobster Roll and Best Veterinarian.

“Some people play golf, some do yoga, some go to church. This is my meditation. I get so into it I don't even know where the time goes."

Larisa Stinga did not dream of owning her own business. But her ambition, confidence, and time-management skills helped her open Sleek MV, a women’s clothing boutique just off Main Street in Vineyard Haven last spring.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

Not even Traeger di Pietro knows exactly what Traeger di Pietro is up to with his art.

Nicole Grace Mercier


Absolutely Refabulous

For years Anne-Marie Eddy has been doing custom refinishing jobs and transforming well-loved furniture into fresh, stylish pieces.

Jenny Allen Talks About Life and Other Bad Ideas

Jenny Allen’s wit and sharp eye for contemporary life are on full display in her recently published collection of personal essays, Would Everybody Please Stop? Reflections on Life and Other Bad Ideas.

The Homecoming

Painter Colin Ruel and jewelry designer Nettie Kent were making a name for themselves as artists in Brooklyn, but with deep Vineyard roots and a baby on the way, it was time to return to the Island.

Featherstone Flying

A collection of brand new galleries and studios are taking the community arts center to a whole other level.

Piece of Work: Sara Thompson

“This is the first body of work that I’ve invested in this realm and I want to keep going. And the spoons are just an ongoing curiosity and investigation.”

Man With a Plane

Meet Collins Heavener, the plank whisperer of Slip Away Farm.

Piece of Work: Abe Pieciak

It wasn’t trash, it was a Trash Lobster!

Barbara Kassel’s Interior Worlds

Barbara Kassel's allegorical world.

Piece of Work: Julia MacNelly

“I like taking old work and incorporating it into new work, because it’s almost a continuous story of how your work has transformed and grown over time.”

Piece of Work: David Wallis

“I am going in a new direction. It is fresh and new and not what I normally do… And taking a risk in life is important to do.”