Today’s Wampanoag wampum makers are continuing an artistic tradition dating back thousands of years.

Paula Peters

"I essentially create a world in the painting that is part real and part imagined, a mix of concrete and memory."

Brooke Kushwaha

Perhaps more than any other painter, Stan Murphy captured the Vineyard at a particular moment in time. In honor of his 100th birthday, a Martha’s Vineyard Museum retrospective of his life and work celebrates the faces of an Island on the precipice of great change.

Elizabeth Hawes

For artist Terry Crimmen, the color below is crucial.

Elizabeth Bennett

I was skeptical that it was, in fact, Skempton. And who put the piano on Cronig’s porch?

Loren Ghiglione

It’s a birder! It’s a painter! Look, it’s Lanny McDowell!

Nelson Sigelman

“I would say [that my work is] contemporary. You know what you’re looking at; it’s not so abstract that you can’t see what the image is.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

“It’s a very specialized and kind of rarified art form….Tapestry weaving, the need to build images, is ancient.”

Nicole Grace Mercier