What happens when a contemporary composer winds up living on the Island.

Dean Rosenthal

The new book Jaws: Memories from Martha’s Vineyard takes a behind-the-scenes look at the 1974 filming of the greatest shark movie ever, often from the perspective of Island residents who were there. The film’s Fourth of July beach sequence – a.k.a. the end of Alex Kintner – involved coordinating hundreds of extras in unpredictable and inhospitable weather, as this excerpt from the book attests.

Matt Taylor

Down the road the horses clop...


Artist-blacksmith Whit Hanschka combines brainpower with brawn in his Vineyard Haven workshop, where he handcrafts a wide range of decorative and functional objects, from hinges to fireplace screens, railings to garden gates.

Charlie Cameron

With gesture sure he casts his lure...


These funny, poignant, and creative illustrations have brightened our pages since the magazine’s start in 1985. As we continue our look back over the past quarter century, we thought readers would enjoy sharing a laugh or two with us.

Nicki Miller

A ship’s life is illuminated through the restoration of its painting.

Cynthia Riggs

This castle with its ocean view...



Piece of Work: Kenneth Vincent

For Kenneth Vincent's oil-on-canvas painting The More Things Change, inspiration was a car ride away.

Take This Chair & Stuff It

How do you tell a chair you love it?

You’re Going to Need a Bigger Coffee Table...

Three lavishly illustrated editions from Zenith Press chronicle some of history’s most epic voyages.

Simon Hickman is in the House

Simon Hickman’s massive and fantastical sculptures start as dead wood yearning to be free.

Vineyard Lit 101: Love is in the Air

Alexandra Coutts new young adult novel and Susan Branch's new book.

Thing of Beauty: Local Bowl!

Ceramic artist Leslie Freeman is always on the go – and that’s just the way she likes it.

Thing of Beauty: Local Tray!

Just because it’s called a “formal” dining room doesn’t mean you can’t showcase pops of color to jazz it up. And stop using neutral tones for your kitchen’s color palette – it’s the heart of your home, after all. Make it lively!

A Certain Type

In the garden or the studio, Emma Young isn’t the sort to look for shortcuts.

Man Made

A good craftsman never blames his tools. Especially if he makes them himself.

Radio Free Bluffs

Skip Finley wants your kid to tune in.