“Although I’m a landscape painter now, I still love patterns. And this moth I found – the Io moth – just spoke to me.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

“There is something calming to me about looking into the eye of a whale. Especially in troubled times.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

Brad Tucker and Liz Ragone can make “functional art,” which is to say something beautifully useful, out of just about anything they lay their hands on.

Moira Silva

“If you look at my work, you see that I embellish and cut edges…I don’t always keep it simple. I make it very decorative.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

Over the past thirty years a nondescript prefab Chilmark property has been transformed.

Louisa Hufstader

“You can have an idea of what you want, but sometimes it can have its own idea….That’s the nice thing about seaweed, there are no set rules.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

Carol Gilligan, the mild-mannered revolutionary who has summered in Aquinnah for decades, is pretty sure that listening can change the world. It has worked for her before, after all.

Elizabeth Hawes

“My paintings certainly won’t change the world, but if they could have this kind of effect on a soul, I’d consider myself a success.”

Nicole Grace Mercier