At the Martha’s Vineyard Museum in Vineyard Haven, master stoneworker Lew French has created a mystical poetry garden in honor of the poet and human rights activist Rose Styron.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

Island artists create fishy works of art.

Nicole Grace Mercier

“The story my mom used to tell is that in kindergarten, you get the Crayons – and I wanted the pencil because I liked detail. I always enjoyed doing very detailed things.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

“I have a great sense of humor. That is what has always kept me afloat. And I think, oftentimes, you can see it in my work.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

Artist Lucy Mitchell explores the infinite mystery of elemental shapes and found objects.

Elizabeth Hawes Weinstock

Artist Richard Lee, whose work is featured in a retrospective at the museum this month, imagined a world in which anything was possible, everything was beguiling, and endless inspiration could be found in the grotesque.

Richard C. Skidmore

“I’m very passionate about painting wildlife and other parts of nature as a way that sort of brings people in and makes you aware of the nature and the wildlife on the Island.”

Nicole Grace Mercier

“Although I’m a landscape painter now, I still love patterns. And this moth I found – the Io moth – just spoke to me.”

Nicole Grace Mercier