With a historic Chilmark house slated for a full restoration this fall, we went looking for what remains of 350 years of home design.

Remy Tumin


In the Northeast, it is considered the great storm of the twentieth century, a hurricane that came crashing up the Eastern Seaboard without warning on September 21, 1938.

Tom Dunlop


A Civil War monument in Oak Bluffs honors both Confederate and Union soldiers.

Tom Dunlop


A communal summer home with a lively past and present gains historical recognition.

Brooks Robards


Charlotte Perkins was in her early twenties when she came to the Vineyard for two weeks. Initially she stayed in Cottage City (Oak Bluffs).

Wendy Palmer


Known by a lyrical name – the Place on the Wayside – this tablet, set in granite in 1901 and rededicated in 2008 by the Daughters of the American Revolution, marks the earliest event recalled by a monument on the Island.

Tom Dunlop


A creative scientist perfected his formula in Edgartown.

Lorraine St. Pierre


Late in the afternoon of January 17, 1944, two young servicemen died in an accident at what is now the Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

Tom Dunlop