Sampson’s Hill, Sankaty, Sea Serpent, Sebastian, the Singing Cop, and Squeteague.

Kelley House, Craig Johnstone Kingsbury, and King’s Land of Tisbury.

Moon-cusser, Moon-Cusser Coffee House, and Money Hill.

Wasque, Wild Men of Borneo, and Captain Thomas Worth.

From Aquinnah to Chappaquiddick, the Vineyard’s five lighthouses are an integral part of the Island’s coastal character. Each of these beacons has its own story of origin and survival, and we uncover the tale of a sixth Vineyard lighthouse that is no more.

Twenty-five observations and recollections from the pages of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine.

Among the most popular regular features in the magazine are its history stories – no surprise there, when you consider how unique and adventurous the Island’s history is.

Tom Dunlop

The beloved Islander, gone now from Vineyard waters for three-and-a-half years, got this writer thinking about the fate of Island ferries from decades past.

Karl Zimmermann


Summers with Somerset

With the Nazis occupying his beloved France, there was only one place for the most famous writer in the world to go.

The Great Sheep Rustler

Exactly how bad was Major General Charles Grey?

Oceanography: Into Deep Water

Some have called the Andrea Doria the Mount Everest of shipwrecks. But in early June, a manned submersible successfully visited the wreak, bringing back new sonar images.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: F

Ferry Boat Island; Fisher, Fred S. (Sr.); and Fresnel Lens.

The Night the Circus Came to the Vineyard

Long after dark on August 3, 1963, a vast menagerie rolled into Woods Hole, bound for Waban Park.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: C

Catalpa; Cape Higgon; Concerned Citizens of Martha’s Vineyard.

The Look, 1993

It wasn’t Hillary Clinton's first pantsuit, and it definitely wasn’t her last.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: D

Davis’ Vegetable Pain Killer; Devil’s Den; and Dunlop, G. Thomas IV.

The Look, 1890

Even for the late nineteenth century, William and Rebecca Manter’s style was lagging behind the times.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: W

Wasque, Wild Men of Borneo, and Captain Thomas Worth.