The Reverend William Jackson, of Oak Bluffs, New Bedford, and Philadelphia, was not about to let bounty hunters return a member of his flock to the land of bondage.

Skip Finley

Four hundred years ago the politics of immigration were, well, complicated.

David J. Silverman

A father and daughter go in search of a legendary angler.

Bill Eville; Research Assistant Eirene “Pickle” Eville

Thanks to generations of generosity by the Harris family, the Brickyard in Chilmark is the Trustees’ newest Island gem.

Karl Zimmermann

One man’s quest to find out more about an African American whaling captain from Martha’s Vineyard ended up uncovering a long-lost history of America’s first meritocracy.

Will Sennott

Some Cold War scientists perfected the art of injecting ticks with new diseases. Others released ticks into new areas to study their spread. But is that the end of the story?

Dr. Daniel Fisher, the most successful whaler of them all, never went to sea.

A. Bowdoin Van Riper

The Vineyard, it turns out, is more than one or two islands.

Chris Baer