Every September and October, thousands of fishermen descend on the Island to participate in the annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby.

Kathleen F. Wright

The history of first families on Martha’s Vineyard.

How different these harbors are – one on the Vineyard, one in Norway – may depend on where you are from.

Shelley Christiansen

One hundred and forty-five years ago, the toughest crewman aboard the Holmes Hole whaling ship America attacked the mate with a knife. But this confrontation led to an even more shocking incident, as the crewman revealed that he was a she.

Tom Dunlop

The story behind some of the old things you can see around the Island.

Tom Dunlop

It started with an entrepreneurial grocer and a diligent doctor. Today, Verizon and Comcast are battling for your dollars. A look at phone service on the Island says a lot about this place and the people who live here.

Shelley Christiansen

Just thirty years ago, the Vineyard and neighboring islands voted to secede from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Mike Seccombe

No longer a commercial thoroughfare, the Dr. Fisher Road still spans the Island’s midsection – despite being overgrown in places and downright difficult to find.

Tod Dimmick


Encyclopedia Vineyardia: T

The Tisbury Manor, Tom the turkey, and Herbert Tucker.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: S

Sampson’s Hill, Sankaty, Sea Serpent, Sebastian, the Singing Cop, and Squeteague.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: P

Pagoda Tree, Pétanque, Daniel Pierce, Place on the Wayside, John Poketapace, Samuel Freeman Pratt, and Priscilla Pearls.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: O

Oklahoma Hall; On Time; and Osborn, Samuel Jr.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: N

Nab's Corner; Nola; Lillian Nordica.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: L

Freeman Leonard; Deborah/Francis Lewis; Lobsterville; Lucas Shoal; Nancy Luce; and John Lumbert.

Encyclopedia Vineyardia: B

The Barnacle Club, the Blue Rock of Chappaquiddick, and William Beetle.

The Look, 1947

Betty Byrne flaunts lapels as wide as a broadsheet while pitching in to help Vineyard Gazette
co-owner Betty Hough (middle) and town columnist/social events writer Florence “Bunny” Brown (back) assemble the weekly paper. No word on where they got their similar shirtdresses, but sources tell us a McCall’s pattern was likely involved.

All the Pretty Little Houses

As Edgartown considers doubling the size of its historic district, and with ancient houses on stilts all over the Island, we wondered about the state of historic preservation.

30 Years From the MVM Vault: The Mother of Them All

“It’s strange, trying to talk about raising one’s children..."