When fishing quiets down in the chill of autumn, many head to the woods for hunting season.

Entranced by the age-old tile work in Italy, Dana Nunes returned to the Island and got busy adorning surfaces of her Vineyard Haven home with creations using discarded tiles of a local dealer.

Shelley Christiansen

The Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club has provided an affordable safe haven – replete with lots of fun – for thousands of Island children over the years.

Anne McCarthy Strauss

An old-fashioned farmer at the heart of Island agriculture.

Phyllis Meras

There are plenty of people living on-Island and off who regularly travel across Vineyard Sound for their work. They each have their own reasons – personal and professional – for making the lengthy commute.

Donna Scaglione

For our twenty-fifth anniversary edition in May–June 2010, we revisited profiles from past issues of the magazine. This month we feature three more familiar faces on the Vineyard.

Karla Araujo & Linda Black

Text messages relayed possible sightings, and much of Martha’s Vineyard was atwitter. When POTUS was on the Island last August, many tried to catch a glimpse of him, including this intrepid Vineyard Gazette reporter.

Sam Bungey

Musician, mover, and shaker.

Elaine Pace


A Certain Type

In the garden or the studio, Emma Young isn’t the sort to look for shortcuts.

Man Made

A good craftsman never blames his tools. Especially if he makes them himself.

Man of Menemsha

Everett Poole has a simple plan to fix the Island. But first you have to get him to slow down enough to tell you about it.

Love + Chainsaws

Do New England’s top lumberjacks really live in West Tisbury?

The Isles of Gogo

For jewelry designer and sculptor Gogo Ferguson, inspiration is only a few sandy footsteps away.

You Think I’m Crazy? Meet My Daughter.

You start out diving for coins on Martha’s Vineyard and the next thing you know you are a Hollywood stunt dynasty.

Red Cat Redux

For twenty years Chef Ben deForest has had a knack for creating Island restaurants that feel like parties you want to be at. But it hasn’t always been pretty.

Taking a Plunge for Progress

One thing is clear when you meet 42-year-old Dean Bragonier at State Beach beside Big Bridge: he’s up for a challenge.

A Poet for the Ages

A new book celebrates the life and work of Island writer Peggy Freydberg, who died this spring at the age of one hundred and seven.

A Brief History of Vineyard Outrage

For thirty years, and more, we’ve been horrified, appalled, and up in arms. A look back.