Next time you eat scallops or feed your lawn, you might want to think about the emerald waves of eelgrass down below.

Nelson Sigelman

Greenland style kayak master Chick Stapleton has paddled the seven seas, but there’s nothing quite like spreading the magic in her hometown.

James Dinneen

The iconic Edgartown harbor master has had just about every job on the water a person can have. But he’s not about to hang up his foul weather gear.

Brad Woodger

Generations of Jasons have cared for the bravest little wooden dragger like the member of the family she is. It’s not getting any easier.

Landry Harlan

Of all the skills necessary to the angler, one stands above the fray.

Nelson Sigelman

With the Black Dog Tall Ship Shenandoah potentially to be sold, a not quite ancient mariner looks back.

Joe Keenan

Janet Messineo’s new book is about much more than catching fish.

Caroline Kaplan

Captain Ian Ridgeway and FUEL are charting a bold new course.

Joe Keenan