An excerpt from a new book by the former America’s Cup sailor and Vineyard photographer and gallery owner Louisa Gould.

Louisa Gould

A trip aboard one of the Black Dog Tall Ships introduces fifth graders to a bit of history, communal living, and the waters surrounding the island they call home.

Meredith Downing

The Patriot always seems to find its way from Falmouth to the Vineyard – bringing newspapers and bagels as well as a family of workers who commute to the Island.

Tom Flynn

A trip with this professional charter captain provides inspiration for the most casual and die-hard anglers, from spring to fall, whether they’re casting around the rocks, on the flats, or in the rips.

Tom Dunlop

A state law from 1647 gives private landholders exclusive rights to their beaches, and some Island towns exclude non-residents from enjoying a day at their stretches of sand. Whether beaches should be open to the public is an ongoing topic of debate on the Vineyard.

Mike Seccombe

The Chappy ferry is making headlines. Passenger rates may go up, the lines may get longer, and the owner plans to sell. A look at the history of the service shows this isn’t exactly new news.

Tom Dunlop

It carried me home. Even to this day, rounding that final curve, part of me always hopes it will be the Islander I see in the slip, because of the early, visceral memory I have that it is the boat that brings me home.

Nicole Galland

The birth – and near death – of the new Vineyard ferry Island Home as it was being built in Mississippi and Hurricane Katrina arrived.

Tom Dunlop