In a community where the line between work wear and formal wear is sometimes blurry, it’s no wonder that the Allen Farm vest has become such a classic.

Alexandra Bullen Coutts

The strange story of the Gay Head Light Keeper's House and the unimaginable tragedy that befell one lightkeeper's family.

William Waterway

In the 1950s, eating fresh, local food wasn't a fad. It was a necessity.

Shirley Mayhew

Photographer Peter Simon’s housemates pose in front of their semi-commune in Aquinnah, where they spent the summer outfitting the house with utilities.

In 1966 Ward Just was seriously wounded while covering the war in Vietnam for the Washington Post. The following is the story he filed about the incident on July 17 of that year.

Ward Just

Once upon a time it was standard wisdom that the hurricane of 1938 was the first and worst to hit the Island. But hidden in the bottom of coastal marshes, and in old logbooks and newspapers, is the true story of New England hurricanes.

Tom Dunlop

Ed Jerome, current Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby president and former Edgartown school principal, sports a turtleneck–polo shirt combo and a mustache that’s unmistakably eighties at the derby headquarters.

Charlie Blair was five years old, living in a summer house on Katama Bay in Edgartown, when Hurricane Carol slashed the Vineyard on August 31, 1954, sixty years ago this summer.

Tom Dunlop