It wasn’t Hillary Clinton's first pantsuit, and it definitely wasn’t her last.

Even for the late nineteenth century, William and Rebecca Manter’s style was lagging behind the times.

As Edgartown considers doubling the size of its historic district, and with ancient houses on stilts all over the Island, we wondered about the state of historic preservation.

Shelley Christiansen

Betty Byrne flaunts lapels as wide as a broadsheet while pitching in to help Vineyard Gazetteco-owner Betty Hough (middle) and town columnist/social events writer Florence “Bunny” Brown (back) assemble the weekly paper. No word on where they got their similar shirtdresses, but sources tell us a McCall’s pattern was likely involved.

“It’s strange, trying to talk about raising one’s children..."

In 1945 the most devastating war in history finally came to a close. Seven decades later, a handful of heroic Islanders still remember exactly where they were when they heard the news.

John H. Kennedy

“After the crush of a frantic and somewhat fractured summer season, the Island now moves to a quieter time of year, to the seasons of autumn and winter ahead when the rhythms of Vineyard life slow..."

You reap what you sow, but not what you sew – which may explain what happened to Andrew Woodruff’s shirt in this classic portrait of classic farmer style at Whippoorwill Farm.