You might want to think twice about where you put that coffee table.

Geoff Currier

James Sanfilippo of Aquinnah is an artisan specialty plasterer.

Simone McCarthy

As the driveway circles up toward the house, the wide curved porch - linking two of four wings - comes into view near the crest of the hill.

The owners: Ken and Dede Feinberg

Karla Araujo

A creative design trumps building lot limitations.

Shelley Christiansen

Translating Piet Mondrian’s geometric color scheme onto kitchen cabinets required some out-of-the-box thinking.

Joyce Wagner

Arnie Reisman and Paula Lyons, the husband-and-wife duo known for their appearances on the weekly National Public Radio quick-wit game show Says You, talk about their shift from seasonal residents in Menemsha to year-rounders in Vineyard Haven.

Three Island projects illustrate how an energy-efficient and sustainable approach is gaining traction.

Jim Miller

Designing a streamlined home at ease in its pastoral up-Island setting.

Mollie Doyle