Louise DuArt and SQuire Rushnell’s Katama home is a tribute to love and God.

Rachel Nava Rohr

The owner of Kevin’s Auto Body displays a surprising period passion.

Jim Miller

See inside the famous Ocean Park mansion that Peter built – twice.

Laura D. Roosevelt

Whether you call in the pros or do it yourself, faux finishing can liven up walls, ceilings, molding, and pieces of furniture.

Joyce Wagner

If those posts and pickets were ever to grow feet and tiptoe away in the night, Edgartown certainly would not be the same.

Shelley Christiansen

The builders of Deep Bottom Pond and other developments are putting their signature on the Vineyard.

Joyce Wagner

Suzie Wasserman owns one of Music Street’s charmingly traditional homes in West Tisbury, but don’t for a minute think it’s a house locked in the past.

Brooks Robards

While tending stock on the stove, Jan Buhrman is also chopping carrots, kale, and squash for two different soups.

Ali Berlow