The Franklins, who run Vineyard Photo, keep a project in motion at home.

Margaret Knight

When a house acquires a name on the Island, it’s a sign that a stranger has arrived, worked hard, sacrificed, and achieved something memorable.

Ali Berlow

A castle on the Lagoon.

Brooks Robards

Deep in the woods of Chilmark off Tabor House Road, the earthly and the ethereal meet in the timber-frame home of the Goff-Maidoff family.

Margaret Knight

Two generations of Taylors have lived in the same family home on a hilltop in Aquinnah. But only for nine months out of the year.

Brooks Robards

South Mountain Company of West Tisbury builds some of the most expensive homes on Martha’s Vineyard. It also builds more affordable housing than any other design and construction firm on the Island. The funny thing is, South Mountain builds both types of house in much the same way.

Ian Fein

A lifelong resident of Chappaquiddick watched a big, new house rise up where scrub and trees once grew. At first glance, it looked like just another out-of-place manor imposing itself on the wilderness. Then she met the family who owned it.

Margaret Knight

Ask the experts your toughest home-owning questions.

Tom Dresser