At ninety-one, artist Ray Ellis paints daily in his Edgartown studio and reflects on his career. It hasn’t always been easy, but one notable collaboration in 1981 changed his life as an artist.

C.K. Wolfson

Time has never stood still for Rubin Cronig.

Nicole Grace Mercier

Mike Barnes and Anne Evasick learn to adapt.

Geoff Currier

1. Get your snorkel on.

Simone McCarthy

The mostly volunteer Pit Stop Workshop Company has turned a former car repair shop into a lively musical and artistic co-op.

Simone McCarthy

Frances Tenenbaum’s 2006 book, Gardening at the Shore, holds a place of honor on many an Island bookshelf.

Phyllis Meras

It’s time to trash the Coach clutch, ditch the Cole Haan hobo, and jettison the Juicy Couture backpack.

Joyce Wagner

The Island sheds her winter cocoon in May and June. Nascent summer weather livens the tempo in the towns and outdoors – the fish start to bite, the flora to bloom, and the ferry to bustle. Hibernation is ceding quickly to congregation, but it’s still possible to find parking in Edgartown. Or at the cliffs.

Simone McCarthy