The waistband on these swimming trunksHas suffered one too many dunksAnd now, by way of striking back,It gives its owner too much slack.


At Studioshop in Oak Bluffs, a mother-daughter design team has a world of ideas.

Heidi Sistare

If you aren’t already acquainted with Tony Horwitz’s winning brand of travelogue history (Blue Latitudes, One for the Road, etc.), do yourself a favor and head to an Island bookstore. Or save the gas and download the e-book BOOM: Oil, Money, Cowboys, Strippers, and the Energy Rush That Could Change America Forever.

Alexandra Styron

Hummingbirds are on their way now.Summer catbirds? Any day now!Ospreys land on last year’s poles,As bluebirds flirt with orioles.


The old Lagoon Pond drawbridge had a good run, but after seventy-five years it was more than a little cantankerous.

Geoff Currier

This year, we vow in tones devout,We’ll pull all weeds the day they sprout!We’ll till, and all those other tasks!(“You wanna bet?” the garden asks.)


The more time Amanda Moffat spends on the Vineyard, the more her work seems to reflect the sea and sky.

Kate Doyle Hooper

Warm and quaint, the woodstove marksOur flannel sleeves with ill-timed sparks.Devoid of charm, at least a furnaceFeels no urge to scorch and burn us.