It was a different economic class then – we were too. At one point we playfully considered going over to the mainland and robbing a liquor store if Clifford didn’t do well.

Norman Bridwell

Minding her own business: A Hair Affair.

Glenny Bartram

From August 25, 1941, to May 10, 1942, Helen Duarte of Vineyard Haven worked as the Charles Lindbergh family cook at Seven Gates Farm in West Tisbury.

Helen Willis Duarte

In Edgartown, a hotel for dogs and their human companions.

Margaret Knight

When the Cushing crew does its job right, fairgoers don’t realize the crew is there: a hand takes a ticket, an arm checks a safety bar, and that’s all anybody knows about the people who make it all happen.

Christine Schultz

I had actually been to the Vineyard once on a brief 
business trip [a year] earlier, but 
just in Edgartown. I was one of the lawyers on Ted Kennedy’s side 
in the Chappaquiddick incident.

Alan Dershowitz

What exactly do Islanders mean when they speak of the Island car?

Jib Ellis

Rhonda and Erik Albert and their children Iris and Miles live in an old sixteen-room house in Oak Bluffs. Last year they had nearly a thousand summer guests, and this year they’d like to have more.

Margaret Knight