September and October are no longer among the Island’s best-kept secrets. Early autumn on Martha’s Vineyard is a less crowded, less humid, less hectic version of summer, with bright sunny days topped off by cool, comfortable evenings.

Nancy Tutko

The forces of nature impose occasional inconveniences upon everyday Island life. A ferry cancelled due to high winds, downtown streets flooded after heavy rains, Beach Road awash with sand and surf during a nor’easter. Lately those vagaries have seemed more dramatic, sometimes even a little ominous.

Nancy Tutko

Friends and family on the shoreEat lobsters, quahaugs, corn, and more;And for dessert we gather ’roundTo toast the sunset on the Sound.


This share with which we’re laden downCould fill a truck and feed a town.We’ve learned to cook, preserve, and                freeze,And scrounge for bok choy recipes.


On the Fourth of July seven years ago, my life changed.

Nicki Miller

Last year I went to war with a red-winged blackbird along Edgartown Bay Road at Katama.

Tom Dunlop

In 1962, this tiny tree was an easy jump for Sarah Mayhew. Now what started as a live Christmas tree is a huge blue spruce in West Tisbury.

Shirley Mayhew

With the familiar bump of the ferry settling into the dock, I gathered my bags and started down the ramp. The cool night air hit my cheeks and nose all at once, and I breathed in the saltiness.

Julia Rappaport