Big Picture Thinking: Norton Point

Every Islander has his or her own idea of a perfect beach day. But for the Clan of the Beer Cooler there’s only one place to go.  

One oversand permit. Four underinflated tires. Thirty-one days of August without a piping plover nest in sight. 

What more could you ask for?

First You Get Your Rig

David Welch

Getting there is half the fun.

Getting there without the fishing rods, coolers, chairs, tables, grills, towels, bandanas, shades, lotions, and cornhole set is out of the question. 

Then You Find Your Slot

David Welch

Don’t even think about rolling out to Katama at noon on a Sunday and finding a prime place to hoist your jolly roger. 

Try more like nine, nine-thirty to be safe.

Last But Not Least, Assemble Your Crew

David Welch

No shirt, no shoes, no yacht club, no problem.