Why Is This Woman Smiling?

Jan Bloch

Island-born Ty Sinnett was one of five up-and-coming Boston fashion designers featured in the opening show of the 2014 Boston Fashion Week this fall. In a short film that ran before her portion of the show, Sinnett, who graduated from Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School in 2005, said “growing up on the Island has given me a really unique relationship with the ocean, which has been a huge part of my life. I think it inspires a lot of what I do and the shapes that I use and the color palettes that I end up working with.” When the models came out and walked “the walk” you could see what she meant: the collection looked fluid and colorful, flattering and comfortable. In other words, the Island at its best: stylish but never stuffy. To which we say, good going, good looking.