From the Editor

Two years ago we ran an extensive report on the Norton Point opening, including incredible tales of people driving across the barrier beach shortly before the breach – but none as close to when it actually occurred as Tom Sullivan’s, which he posted on our website.

Nicki Miller Editor

Shortly before sunset on that Monday night of Patriots Day weekend in 2007, Thomas Sullivan and his wife, Linda, who live in Franklin and were staying at Tom’s brother’s house in Edgartown, decided to take a drive over to Chappaquiddick. “The weather was fierce,” Tom writes. “We were sure it would be an interesting ride. Little did we know how interesting! We were on the inside trail about halfway across and the water was getting very close to the trail. I would say it was within two feet of both sides of the trail and the tide was still coming in.” Once on Chappy, they decided to take the ferry back to Edgartown, and later realized they may very well have been the last to cross the barrier beach – beating the breach by about five hours.

Stories like this continue to be told. Erosion at Wasque has severely impacted the Shifter property, now involved in a massive effort to move its buildings. Our magazine articles are ongoing at – spend some time browsing to discover more about the Island.

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