From the Editor

We’re always on the lookout for cool properties to feature in the magazine. We find them via homeowners, designers, tradesmen, landscapers, and word of mouth. Once a cleaning person asked a client if we might look at her phenomenal house. For another article, we were so intrigued by an artist’s work, we asked to see her own creative home. Keep us in mind the next time you’re attending a backyard fundraiser in an impressive garden or you’re enchanted by a friend’s kitchen renovation.

We first spotted one of this issue’s properties on the Federated Church house tour in Edgartown a couple of summers ago. The Conovers’ compound is a feast for the eyes
and has an interesting history (page 40). Photographer Alison Shaw told us about a
magnificent garden in Chilmark featuring sculptures by stoneworker Lew French; she had been documenting his progress, and now we can show years’ worth of work (page 50). The Kauffs’ striking new Chilmark house was in Dwell magazine, which prompted us to delve further into the story of their design process (page 22).

Another exciting theme in this issue is cooking and eating outside. Chef and author Steven Raichlen shares some tasty recipes (page 64), landscape architect Kristen Reimann gives tips for designing an outdoor dining space (page 32), and poet Dan Waters muses on “spatula season” (page 15).

With other articles on green construction (page 74), purloined peonies (page 12), and what $10 million will buy on-Island (page 60), there’s plenty to enjoy about the Vineyard.