You Know You’re on the Vineyard When...

Have you ever tromped through a pond to get to a good beach or bought a pricey ticket to attend a fundraiser that was actually fun? You must be on the Vineyard!

When I asked friends about experiences that feel particularly Vineyardy, their responses made me chuckle with delight and groan in commiseration. The magazine then asked for more on Facebook ( Here are some of our faves.

You have no idea where your watch is – and you aren’t looking for it.
    – Meg Rodier, Kingstown, New York

You start hanging around in an alley waiting for your doughnut fix.
    – Ellen Woodcock Bryan via Facebook

The UPS delivery person leaves packages inside your house on rainy days, and that one time when you went on vacation and did lock the house, you come home to find a package in your car.
    – S.H., Chilmark

All your beds are full of guests.
    – Beth Butler, Oak Bluffs

Someone honks their horn and the entire street freezes and stares.
    – Peter Costas via Facebook

You suddenly realize your cell phone is locked in your car in Woods Hole, and you’re stuck here for a week.
    – Jim Richards, Honolulu

Directions to your friend’s house include “turn right at the tiny white rock with a fish painted on it.”
    – Suzanna Crowell, Edgartown

 The smell of skunk makes you nostalgic for summers past.
    – Marcie Berry via Facebook

You have this sudden desire to take a ton of pictures of hydrangeas.
    – Heather Miller, Washington, D.C.

You have a wave-off with someone to go first in their car: “No, you.” “No, you go.” This can actually drive you mad. Imploded road rage. Happened this morning to me.       
     – Amy Heil, Vineyard Haven

Mom asks again, “When are you going to move here from California?”
    – Tom Hammond via Facebook

Dinner is a bag of oysters.
    – Kara Shemeth, Edgartown

You hear the Tabernacle before you see it.         
     – Jan Nickerson via Facebook

Your new car’s unlocked with the keys on the seat.
    – Emily Randolph Silva, Charlestown

Ice cream becomes part of your food pyramid.
    – Mary Beth Thompson via Facebook

You understand, admire, and covet the $800 wampum necklace. It’s currency, after all.
    – Denise Searle, Edgartown

You can breathe!
    – Ed Gargan, Beijing, China

You shower outside all summer.
    – Emma Searle, Edgartown

When you can stop in your car to talk with someone and no one beeps their horn behind you!
    – Peter Shemeth, Edgartown

You can smell the beach roses on a bike ride.
    – Karen Massey Berwick via Facebook

Your choices for just about everything are severely limited and it feels good! Less is more!
    – Pati Nelson, Edgartown

Getting dressed up consists of putting on clean jeans.
    – Rebekah Thomson, Chilmark

You stop counting down the days until you go to the Vineyard.
    – Laurie Keller via Facebook