Welcome to the first once mine, now yours catalogue of items found free by the side of the road.

During the past nine months on Martha’s Vineyard, the products in our catalogue have been placed curb side with a sign informing passersby that they are available for the taking. Never before has a catalogue of these bargain-basement items been compiled. We at FREEBIES are proud promoters of sustainable living and encourage you to consider giving new homes to these free finds.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our first issue of FREEBIES. Unfortunately inventory is extremely limited, and nothing in the FREEBIES catalogue is still available. However, here’s a glimpse of what you missed out on.

Sofa bed. The country-themed print with barely discernible stains has just enough wear and tear to give this sofa bed a comfortable, homey feel. The former owners supplemented the couch with a piece of plywood for extra support and are passing along the plywood for your convenience.

Table, chair, and VCR. An authentic, distressed entertainment center: This charming, farm-style combo includes both a VCR and a chair-and-table set. Peeling paint and cracked wood give these items a classic-country, attic feel. The VCR is perfect for cinephiles with a large collection of movies still on VHS.

Books. Enhance your home library with this diverse, ready-made collection of books: hard covers, paperbacks, how-tos, and children’s books. No other collection exactly like this one has ever been offered before.

Computer monitors. Two screens for the price of none: There’s no need to be confused by the vast array of LCD or flat screens currently on the market with these traditional computer monitors that work “perfectly.”

Gas range.  This four-burner gas stove has served a family of four well for more than a decade, since they purchased it used at a yard sale. It still works like new, and the few tiny dings on the exterior pay tribute to the remarkable Moroccan tagines, lasagnas, and casseroles cooked in its spacious oven.

Bath tub. This large soaking tub has the drain hole in the middle and faucet holes on the corner. (Faucet not included.) The bathtub is divinely deep, and once cleaned, will look brand new. The bottom is dappled for slip resistance. It’s crack-free and ready to set into a custom-designed space.

Drawers, chairs, and more. If your new house is looking for old-house charm or your old house needs some replacement parts, this set of six wooden
drawers, two metal chairs with red vinyl seats, a swivel-neck lamp, and a wooden door might be exactly what you need.

Crib. This wooden crib with grooved spindles surely meets code. Guaranteed to provide hours of sleep to even the most restless baby – especially if you decide to splurge for a mattress.

Vases and more. These five, gorgeous glass vases come in an array of shapes and sizes. The selection includes basic flower vases and the fancier frosted yellow one. Plus, enjoy a pair of protective glasses that are ideal to wear when cutting the flowers you’ll be showcasing in your sensational new vases. Bonus: The sturdy, brown, upholstered office chair is on wheels, and its simple, industrial look is perfect for a secondary workspace, like a basement office.

Living room set.  For the person on the go, here’s a one-stop shopping experience. This free living-room set includes a fantastic sectional and two artificial plants. The matching, two-piece, beige, chenille set comes with an additional ivory-colored, right-arm chaise, giving you plenty of mix-and-match options.
The plants, in beautiful condition and elegantly potted in wicker baskets, never need water, making them ideal for the seasonal resident or rental property.

Mattress set. This clean, twin-sized mattress and box spring make up a Sertapedic Special Edition set with a posture-support system. The set cost hundreds of dollars when purchased new, but this exclusive offer gives you the name-brand assurance of Serta that we have come to rely on – for free.

Rocker. Relax and read the latest issue of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine in this sensational grandma rocker. The rich, golden upholstery and real wood give this piece that nostalgic, remember-when charm that so many of us can’t get enough of.