The high death toll of whales in local waters has some people pointing their fingers at offshore wind. Is it all just a bunch of newly generated hot air?

Will Sennott

Not to be confused with weeds, invasive plant species are an often-underestimated threat to the Island ecosystem. Spreading them is easy. Removing them is harder. Now is the season to be on guard.

Brooke Kushwaha

Shellfishermen and scientists have spent years battling a disease that nearly wiped out the native oyster population. At last, there are signs of a possible way forward.

By Thomas Humphrey

Great white sharks on the Vineyard were long just a movie-going myth, but with a recent uptick in sightings, evidence of a rebounding population has now reached Island shores.

Brooke Kushwaha

What has the Atlantic silverside, a lowly minnow, done for you lately? Way more than you think.

Ed Mitchell

An almost definitive ecological survey of Norton Point Beach.

Barry Stringfellow

Deer harvests are down, meaning tick populations are likely up. Is Covid somehow involved?

Nelson Sigelman

Hard to find, hard to hook, and hard to land, Atlantic bonito are impossible to forget.

Ed Mitchell