Recently renovated by architect Dudley Cannada, this whaling captain’s house combines an interesting past with modern amenities.

Remy Tumin

He started the Seafood Shanty; he owned the Harbor View Hotel. He helped shape a town as well as an island. Now in his late eighties, he lives in a penthouse looking out over the Edgartown Light – far from his poor roots.

Elaine Pace

Summer on Martha’s Vineyard is an annual tradition for thousands of families.

Jim Miller

Stewards of their parents’ vision, two siblings built homes that celebrate contemporary design and sustainability, a family history, and a longstanding respect for the land.

Jim Miller

How has the insurance market changed recently for Vineyarders?

Jim Miller

With a spacious main house, a separate studio, and a waterfront location, this property is a year-round refuge for nature enthusiasts.

Karla Araujo

Billy Meegan specializes in compact but refined form and function, as seen in three distinctive Island guest houses.

Karla Araujo

This architectural standout in West Tisbury, with its combination of styles outside and in, has recently been renovated and serves as a second home for a couple of filmmakers and their young family.

Laura D. Roosevelt