Dana Gaines's boat isn't a traditional one with a motor or even a sail. And yet he's taken it around the Island – twice.

Ivy Ashe

While the leaves changed color, along the waterfront crews planned and fitted out for the annual voyages of vessels determined to follow summer.

Matthew Stackpole

For two Island ferry captains, the end of paper nautical charts only makes them more precious – both as practical aids and works of art.

Remy Tumin

One of the most famous of all striped bass plugs, the Reverse Atom was born on the beach at North Truro on Cape Cod on a hot August afternoon in 1949.

Kib Bramhall

An appetite in Asian markets for the littlest of little American eels has led to a spike in their price. And that, in turn, has led to a rise in illegal harvesting and concerns about the species as a whole.

Sara Brown

“I bought it last year – it wasn’t [called] Chocolate Chip. It was some ungodly name that you can’t even pronounce that meant nothing to me at all. I have a forty-four-footer, and the name of that boat is Hot Chocolate.”

Ivy Ashe

Ever wonder why fly fishermen wear dishpans around their waists? These contraptions are called stripping baskets, and the Vineyard was a testing and proving ground for them. A stripping basket is a container into which fly line is retrieved or “stripped.” It gives the angler the ability to control the loose line so that it doesn’t tangle with rocks or seaweed or other detritus or get rolled up in breaking waves.

Kib Bramhall

Once upon a time it was standard wisdom that the hurricane of 1938 was the first and worst to hit the Island. But hidden in the bottom of coastal marshes, and in old logbooks and newspapers, is the true story of New England hurricanes.

Tom Dunlop