The invention of the Alou Eel, a killer fishing lure, leads to new friendships and memorable fishing adventures.

Kib Bramhall

Sixth grader Jake LaPierre of Vineyard Haven looked forward to his fifth trout-fishing tournament, sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club and held May 7 at Duarte’s Pond in West Tisbury. The magazine gave Jake a disposable camera and asked him to create his own photographic album of the day. Undaunted by the gale that afflicted the tournament, Jake shot a role of film in the darkness of the tent, and when the deluge let up a bit, at the pond’s edge. His favorite shot: “A kid and his family, fishing, even though it’s raining.

Tom Dresser

To most Vineyard residents and many visitors, internist Michael Jacobs is the doctor who’s run the walk-in clinic on State Road in Tisbury since 1987.

Elaine Lembo

It took two trips around the world for John Mayhew to find his way back home.

Phyllis Mearas

The magazine asked Matthew Stackpole, executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society, to identify and describe his six favorite boats in Vineyard Haven harbor.

Matthew Stackpole

Bluefish seem so dependable – returning year after year. But sometimes, they just don’t show up, year after year.

Christine Schultz

Forbidden by law to go on strike, the captains, the mates, the engineers, and the deckhands of the Steamship Authority did just that forty-five years ago this spring.

Laura D. Roosevelt

Seeking a quiet place to use as an office (and perhaps even to do some work), Jib Ellis looks for ­– and finds! – a wonderful little boat, and goes on to discover a wonderful little neighborhood: Oak Bluffs harbor.

Jib Ellis