Margaret Knight gets downright tropical in her Chappy greenhouse.

Margaret Knight

We tried to keep our expectations low, but secretly we believed in our soil, our seeds, and our own high hopes.

Sally Bennett

Denys Wortman finds you really can go home again.

Holly Nadler

The intersection of art and gardens is time-honored, and it continues today, here on Martha’s Vineyard.

In the midst of winter some of us dream big garden dreams. And we start out with the best of intentions, we really do. Come July, though, we might just be overwhelmed by the gardening equivalent of eyes-being-bigger-than-stomachs, and a mess of weeds and tangled flowers. What’s a desperate gardener to do?

Laura D. Roosevelt

Putting down roots in a new place can be as hard for plants as for the humans who nurture them.

Sally Bennett

The French game of pétanque (or boules) was brought to the Vineyard in the early 1960s 
by Yvette and Max Eastman.

Ellinor Mitchell

One gigantic zucchini, and perfect pumpkins, much larger than your head.

Laura D. Roosevelt