In this, the third installment of Beth Edwards Harris’s exploration of the Vineyard’s hidden mid-century modern masterworks, she explores the up-Island houses designed by architect Andrew Geller.

Beth Edwards Harris

When he’s not sailing the oceans as a merchant mariner, Michael Gately is building his house, building his furniture, and falling in love.

Nicole Grace Mercier

I remember the first time I visited and became smitten with the Camp Ground on Martha’s Vineyard when my family summered on Island in the 1970s. For Kathryn Allen, it all started with a Grand Illumination Night. She and her young vacationing family stumbled on the annual August event, in which the roughly 300 cottages of the Camp Ground are festooned with glowing colorful paper lanterns. “I just floated through that night. I thought, ‘This is the most magical experience I’ve ever had,’” she recalls.

Katie Hutchison

It’s quite possibly the first brand new home in the Cottage City Historic District since the 1880s. Not that you would know it from the outside.

Heather Hamacek

An Edgartown church transformed into a family's private sanctuary.

Heather Hamacek

Staging, the process of sprucing up the interior of a home to help it sell quicker.

Mary Breslauer

Imagine there’s no heat’s easy if you try.

Erin Ryerson

The history of Shingle Style architecture.