There’s only one problem with these Savory Parmesan Crisps: You will never have enough of them. I made a batch this week, planning to set them aside to photograph later. But we made the mistake of sampling a few. I then had to hide them from you-know-who, and from myself! Post-photos, we gobbled them up. Fortunately, we have the second disc of dough in the fridge to make some more for Easter.

When Abby Dodge delivered the recipe for our latest Baking Together column, she said we could call them crackers or crisps. It’s true they could be either, but they’re buttery and full of Parmigiano and the texture is like perfect pie crust, so I think “crisps.” And since you’re free to top them with more Parmigiano, sea salt, or “everything” bagel topping, they deliver a full package of flavor. Serve them as a nibble with wine or cocktails or alongside soups or salads at dinner. Or, what the heck, eat them for breakfast!

As usual, Abby provides careful directions and tips for great results.

Abigail Johnson Dodge

I paused in Cronig’s this week to think about what to serve for Easter dinner, and couldn’t wrap my head around lamb or ham this year. Instead, I thought a nice roast chicken, with vegetables and lemon slices roasted along with the bird, would be just the thing for this early Easter. A salad of warm greens with beach plum vinaigrette might be nice with that.

Susie Middleton

I was feeling crafty this weekend, what with wielding a fluted pastry wheel for the crisps, and got it in my head to dye eggs with natural colors.

Without beets or cabbage on hand, I knew I was heading for an autumnal palette, but I didn’t care. I used turmeric, coffee, and onion skins to dye my (brown!) eggs, so you can see how that turned out. I admit, I cheated and did one in red food coloring that I found in the pastry cabinet. But I loved the color the onion skins gave (third from right.)

Tips: 1) don’t forget the vinegar, 2) use jam jars to hold the eggs and dye, and 3) refrigerate the jars so that you can soak the eggs for several hours.  

Susie Middleton
Susie Middleton

With your boiled eggs, you can then make Eliza’s Fresh Egg Salad Toasts or Cutty’s Egg Salad Sandwiches.

Or if you’re like me and prefer your Easter eggs any way but boiled, here’s an idea for brunch: Gina Stanley’s ArtCliff Crêpes with Prosciutto, Parmigiano, and Poached Eggs.

Randi Baird

Or save the eggs for dessert and make Setzu Zeender's Lavender Crème Brulee. Too many eggs for you? Abby’s Cream Cheese Pound Cake takes only two!

Randi Baird

Morning Glory’s farm store opens back up on April 1. Grey Barn’s farm stand is now open Thursdays through Mondays. The Fish House and Black Sheep open up later this week at the airport. Almost as important, rhubarb and chives are coming up in my garden — there is hope!

Hoping you have a great week, and we’ll see you on Instagram @cookthevineyard.