Who’s ready for a s’more? When I ask my family this question, the answer is always a resounding “yes!” I mean, is there any treat more fun that a graham cracker sandwich filled with melty milk chocolate and toasty marshmallow? Here’s my problem: My grill isn’t always fired up and ready to go and this can lead to disappointment.

For those nights and days when the embers are stone cold or the rain is pouring down, I have these make-ahead s’mores stowed in my freezer and at the ready to finish under the broiler for that toasty marshmallow topping. Sure, the look is a bit different — a layer of buttery graham crumbs followed by a layer of milk chocolate ganache topped with marshmallows just before broiling – but the rich, creamy flavors and crunchy, slightly salty texture hit all the same, delicious notes, and I think they look pretty darn cute, too. I cut them into two-bite squares but feel free to cut them into larger pieces for those with a bigger appetite. Either way, be sure to pass the napkins. And make sure everyone is gathered ‘round before turning on the broiler.

For these little treats, I use a foil-lined loaf pan to layer and freeze the crust and ganache. I use a Pyrex pan but any loaf pan on the smaller side will work. The thickness of your layers might vary a bit but it’s all good! Once the layers are frozen (this is important), you can lift the foil directly from the pan and proceed with your s’more-ing, or you can slide the package – foil and all – into a freezer container to hold for up to three months. The foil is the key to seamlessly and quickly moving the s’mores to and from the cookie sheet for broiling. (I use my toaster oven but your oven broiler will work, too.) Remember, while the ganache is still frozen, it’s important to finish the broiling process quickly so the finished s’more isn’t a melted mess.

Once you’ve made these s’mores, be sure to leave us a note in the comments section below or under the recipe and tell us how you liked them. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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