Eating In

Got eggs?” If you were a farmer with a farm stand on Martha’s Vineyard this summer, that just might have been the question you dreaded most from customers.

Fresh from a small island off of Japan, new ideas for familiar seafoods.

For some, weddings may mean champagne toasts and lengthy best man’s speeches, but for old-school folks, it’s all about the punch.

More. I always want more. More sea glass, more fireworks, more Menemsha sunsets, more fair food, more summer.

If all you’re thinking is jelly, think again.

Go figure. During the summer, we are so busy on the farm that I barely get a chance to go anywhere. And then, when I do, where do I go but to another farm, just up the street from me!

A rose by any other name? The bright orange-red fruits of the flowering Rosa rugosa have been called many things.

Farm-to-table. Locavore. Seasonal. Organic. Heirloom. These are terms that have been driving cutting-edge food and enriching the culinary vocabulary in the past few decades. Before then? Not so much.


Eating In