Eating In

And tasty. No wonder the French are obsessed.

Blustery days and less daylight mean it's time to muster comfort in the kitchen.

I had the urge to make fresh tomato sauce on Saturday. I popped down to Morning Glory Farm and wrangled a slew of ripe Romas. And I do mean a slew. I got so many that I had enough leftover to make Oven-Roasted Clams in a Garlicky Tomato Pan Sauce on Sunday.

Here we go, headlong into the harvest season. Hurrah!

Grilling pizza is one of those a ha! moments in your cooking life. Try it this weekend, along with a better way to grill corn.

A dessert recipe that's fun from start to finish - plus what to do with that eggplant.

A frozen graham and chocolate base turns into a quick and fun dessert when topped with marshmallows and broiled.

Don’t forget the fresh tomatoes.


Eating In