Eating In

Just for you, a small batch of comfort.

A comforting braise of Moroccan-inspired chicken is just the thing for a cold week in January.

Serving a comforting, fragrant stew with Moroccan flavors might just make you feel like you’re in Casablanca – for a moment, anyway.

Let's make January brighter, spicier, and more colorful.

Wondering what to make for New Year’s Eve or the last night of Kwanzaa? Homemade pizza, spicy mac 'n' cheese, cocktails, rustic tarts, roasted clams — you've come to the right place.

It seems we ate a lot of chicken and sweets this year — comfort food reigned. And now it's time for homemade pasta.

A rich, rustic beef stew and the ultimate flourless chocolate cake make a delicious holiday dinner.

The Readable Feast awards honor our talented New England food writers; the Vineyard’s own Catherine Walthers helped judge the awards – and she’s got gift recommendations for you.


Eating In